10th Bullitt Environmental Prize Recognizes Wildlife Conservation Leader 2016 Winner Overcame Many Obstacles from Ugandan Farm to University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences The Bullitt Foundation announced today the winner of the 10th Annual Bullitt Environmental Prize, which recognizes people with extraordinary potential to become powerful and effective leaders in the environmental movement. The 2016 Bullitt Prize winner is Carol Bogezi,...


2015 Bullitt Fellow Heather Fowler Receives Presitigious Omenn Award Veterinarian Heather Fowler just received the highest award offered to University of Washington Phd students in the School of Public Health.

Grant History 1999-2016

Urban Ecology Research Laboratory 2009b

on Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 8:19 PM

Program Area(s)
Grantee NameUniversity of WA Foundation

To support summer field work to establish and monitor a suite of observational plots across an urban to rural gradient in the Seattle metropolitan area in order to enhance understanding of how urban development and landscape fragmentation affect carbon dynamics.

Grant Amount$15000
Project Dates06/01/09 - 06/01/10
Serving United States / Washington