2018 Bullitt Environmental Prize Winner Announced. Congratulations to Nicola Smith. 2018 Bullitt Environmental Prize Recognizes Bahamian Marine Biologist 12th Annual Award to PhD Candidate from Simon Fraser University SEATTLE – The Bullitt Foundation announced today the winner of the 12th Annual Bullitt Environmental Prize, which recognizes people from varied backgrounds who have demonstrated the ability to become powerful environmental leaders. The goal of the program...


2015 Bullitt Fellow Heather Fowler Receives Presitigious Omenn Award Veterinarian Heather Fowler just received the highest award offered to University of Washington Phd students in the School of Public Health.

Grant History 2015-current

Title Serving Start Date Program Areas Amount
Union of Concerned Scientists-2015a Washington; Oregon 02/11/15 Energy Industry and Technology $40,000
USDN 2015b Washington; Oregon; British Columbia 10/07/15 Energy Industry and Technology, Urban Ecology $75,000
Washington Community Action Network Education and Research Fund Washington 02/24/16 Energy Industry and Technology $50,000
Washington Environmental Council-2015a Washington 04/01/15 Ecosystem Services, Energy Industry and Technology, Leadership and Civic Engagement, Urban Ecology $135,000
Washington Environmental Council-2016b Washington 10/05/16 Energy Industry and Technology, Regional Ecosystem Health, Resilient Cities Healthy Communities $115,000
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility-2016a Washington 04/06/16 Energy Industry and Technology $24,000
Washington Toxics Coalition-2015a Washington 04/01/15 Energy Industry and Technology $75,000