2021 Bullitt Prize Winner Chris Cousins 2021 Bullitt Prize Recognizes Amphibian Ecologist Authoring Kids Books   Award winner engages Latino children to cultivate the next generation of environmental leaders SEATTLE – The Bullitt Foundation announced today that it is awarding the 15th annual Bullitt Environmental Prize to Christopher Cousins, a PhD student in wildlife ecology who is creating a series of bi-lingual children’s books to bring STEM education to minority and underserved...


Bullitt Trustee Erim Gomez Moves to University of Montana Bullitt Trustee and former Bullitt Prize winner Erim Gomez has accepted a position at the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana, one of the nation's top Wildlife Biology Programs.

Grant History 2015-current

Title Serving Start Date Program Areas Amount
350PDX Oregon 03/16/20 Climate 2020 Allocation $60,000
Climate Nexus and New York 03/16/20 Climate 2020 Allocation $100,000
Earth Guardians Colorado 03/16/20 Climate 2020 Allocation $20,000
Earth Uprising New York 03/16/20 Climate 2020 Allocation $50,000
Mosaic-2019b District of Columbia 10/03/19 Climate 2020 Allocation $100,000
Offshore Drilling Commission District of Columbia 10/28/19 Climate 2020 Allocation $25,000
One Up Action California 03/16/20 Climate 2020 Allocation $15,000
Society of Environmental Journalists-2019b District of Columbia 09/09/19 Climate 2020 Allocation $100,000
Sunrise Movement Education Fund-2019b District of Columbia 09/09/19 Climate 2020 Allocation $500,000
The Future Coalition Maryland 03/16/20 Climate 2020 Allocation $50,000
This is Zero Hour-Earth Day 2020 Maryland 09/09/19 Climate 2020 Allocation $100,000